An all too common tribe


my name is funnyOne of the reasons I love reading articles on the Net is the comments that follow, which are often insightful, informative and, more often than not, hilarious.

However, these remarks, which give an anonymous voice to a global audience, can also be mean, thoughtless and disrespectful.

A while back, I read a post about how the Jarawa tribe of India, a near extinct breed that successfully migrated from Africa to Asia, were being exploited. According to the story, the tribeswomen were being lured to dance and sing naked in cages for tourists in exchange for food. This inhumane act, which was slammed for turning these innocent beings into a human zoo, elicited some distasteful comments from readers who obviously imagined themselves clever and witty.

I don’t argue that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but surely, the premise of providing a forum from which we can contribute to these articles is to share our views, and not to make a mockery of serious events, such as murder or abuse?

The arguments were that stripping for financial gain is not uncommon, and the examples cited were strippers and exotic dancers, who can be found all over the world.

The Jarawa, like most other ancient tribes, are steeped in tradition and, as a result of their lifestyle and prolonged isolation, are susceptible to disease and that is why they are protected from outside influence. They are ignorant of their human rights and, therefore, coercing them into performing for food is an infringement of these rights.

My humble opinion? Those who choose to post unpleasant comments are, in fact, part of a tribe, that which lacks compassion for their fellow man.

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