Age of the TV slaves


Television. A great invention, no doubt, but one that should be handled with great care. As entertaining as it is, television (or TV as it is commonly known) is highly addictive. We’ve all heard of the expression ‘couch potato’, used to describe a lazy person who does nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV all day. But there’s another breed, those of us who can’t even tear ourselves away from the TV long enough to sit down at the dining table and eat, and so end up having all meals seated in front of the ‘box’.

Family bonding is a thing of the past, we spend our evenings with eyes glued to the screen, despite the fact that there is nothing intelligent on air.

News is a joke and many of the shows have degenerated into pablum and vulgarity. The punchlines in sitcoms aren’t even remotely funny.

We have evolved into modern day voyeurs, eagerly tuning in to watch the latest antics on the host of reality and quasi-reality shows on the menu; Up, Airport, The Real World, The Living Soap, Gachinko!, U8TV: The Lofters, Project Greenlight, Amish in the City, Jersey Shore, The Only Way Is Essex, Big Brother, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jon and Kate Plus 8, LA Ink, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, The Band-Josie 7, et al.

The participants of these amoral productions seem to lack even a hint of decorum, happily engaging in sexual acts in front of cameras for all the world to see and airing their dirty laundry in public. However, keep in mind that some of these people are Monarch slaves (see Monarch slaves and Beta Kittens).


We are dumbed down and addicted, too far gone to realise that TV is a mere distraction to keep us from reading, meditating, praying, socialising, keeping up with what’s really happening in the world around us — growing mentally and spiritually. The world is currently controlled by the Freemasons/Illuminati, and they want to keep us in the dark as much as possible, in order to further their evil agenda with minimal opposition.

Show business is just a distraction. In ancient Rome, the poet Juvenal, describing the political power scene of the day, said, “Panem et Circenses.” (Bread and Circuses.) Meaning if you keep the masses fed and entertained, they are less likely to notice their invisible handlers — the elite (Freemasons/Illuminati and the demonic force that is behind them.

The programmes on TV contain subliminal messages and occult symbols are flashed right before our eyes, but we are too blind to see. There’s a reason they call it a TV ‘programme’. Because that it what it is designed to do, programme our minds into a docile and highly manipulative state.

Modern day Satanic rituals are also performed during major events, such as the World Cup, the American Superbowl halftime show, the Academy Awards (Oscar is an anagram derived from the names of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris, a trinity of Egyptian gods (see Oscar, god of the Academy Awards)) the Grammy Awards, the Olympics, presidential inaugurations, coronations, state funerals, etc, which are televised internationally and, therefore, all who are watching unwittingly become a part of the ritual.

The truth is that TV is a waste of time. As are all video games.


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