Aliens are Demons!


Our bodies require living water to survive. Before Yahweh created man, He created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was formed out of water and through water (John 3:5). The earth is made up of 70 percent water, our bodies are also made up of 70 percent water. All living things are made up of cells and water. This is no coincidence, water is an integral part of life, the most abundant substance in living systems.

We are LIVING things and so we require LIVING water.

“For thousands of years people have made reference to living water. It has spiritual as well as philosophical and scientific connotations. The fact that the term has survived so many generations is an indication of an underlying message… Living water has existed on Earth for thousands of years… it is the foundation for all life… water molecules create a repeating geometric pattern similar to the molecular pattern in a solid quartz crystal. Although the molecules remain mobile, they move together, like a school of fish swimming in the ocean. This is living water.”

You’re all familiar with the expression ‘water is life’, so without water, there can be no life.

We have been conditioned into believing that aliens exist, that there is life on other planets, yet Earth is the only planet that contains LIVING WATER, so how can the other planets support life?

We are simply being brainwashed into accepting the possibility of the existence of aliens, to prepare for the return of the fallen angels and the Nephilim to earth.

Some people think these ‘aliens’ come from other planets and travel inter-galactically in a space ship; some believe they created us and will return to bring back the ancient knowledge that mankind lost after the flood (see Pagan gods).
The truth is these beings have been DECEIVERS since they ‘fell’ — came to earth — and usually tell people, including world leaders (Adolf Hitler was said to communicate with one such being), that they were created under a different god other than Yahweh Almighty, Who is the Creator of the Universe and EVERYTHING in it, or that they are gods or aliens.

World leaders make deals with them, after the beings/fallen angels tell them they will be given absolute power and made immortal; the same way Satan deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the same way they themselves were deceived by Satan into leaving their spiritual home in Heaven and giving up their Divine birthright as the Sons of Yahweh.

These fallen angels and their sons the Nephilim/demons access our physical world from their spiritual realm through spiral portals/doorways that resemble spirals when they are open — which they also use when satanic cults, such as Kabbalah, invoke them during rituals.

These evil spirits feed off our negative energies: Hate, anger, envy, jealousy, hostility, self-pity, prejudice, depression…

Constantly send positive energies: Love, joy, harmony, peace, light, compassion, understanding, blessings… to everyone, everything, the environment, the planet and the Universe.
Always think positive, happy, loving thoughts — negativity is destroying our planet, as the Universe sends back whatever we send out to it.

In the media, we have programmes that feature ‘aliens’:


Mr Bean is an ‘alien’, beamed down from the mother ship at the beginning of each episode, in reality a fallen angel


Ben 10 is really about a boy possessed by many demons that control him. He can transform (shape-shift) into these demons, symbolising their completely taking over his identity. Ben is a Monarch slave (see Monarch programming)


Wizards of Waverly Place characters are able to shape-shift (symbolising the complete control the demons that possess Monarch slaves have over them) and teleport (symmolising Time Travel programming)


Transformers are fallen angels that can shape-shift into robots, humans or vehicles


Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) are demons


Casper the Friendly Ghost is a demon

Alf, an 'alien' featured in the American sitcom Alf

Alf, an ‘alien’ featured in the American sitcom ALF, is a demon

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends; the imaginary friends are demons (see Bogeyman, Slender Man, Sandman and the Wardrobe Monster)

The Sixth Sense

In the 1999 film, The Sixth Sense, Bruce Willis plays a ghost/demon. As Cole Sear’s (played by Haley Joel Osment) child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe, he is really the imaginary friend in whom Cole confides

Magical Princess Gigi is about a princess from Fairyland, who comes to Earth in the form of a 12-year-old mortal. Fairies are demons -- Gigi is a demon who has shape-shifted

Magical World of Gigi is about a princess from Fairyland, who comes to earth in the form of a 12-year-old mortal. Fairies are demons — Gigi is a demon that has shape-shifted (see Bigfoot and the Yeti)

Sport Billy is a demon, he can time travel -- transit stargates/wormholes to and from hell

Sport Billy is a demon, he can time travel — transit stargates/wormholes to and from hell

Little Shop of Horrors - Audrey II speaks with Seymour

In the 1986 film Little Shop of Horrors, Audrey II is a demon that has shape-shifted into a carnivorous plant, which feeds only on human flesh and blood. The shopkeeper, Seymour (played by Rick Moranis), feeds humans (blood sacrifices) to the plant in exchange for success and romance. He later discovers the plant is an ‘alien’ or demon from outer space


He-Man is the alter-ego of Prince Adam, and he represents the demons that possess Prince Adam, and which make him superhuman. Prince Adam is a Monarch slave. Note the cross on his breastplate (see The Cross)

Shape-shifting and teleporting are characteristics of demons and fallen angels, who are spirits, they are able to take on any form — a plant, tree, person, animal, furniture, plane, vehicle, etc; and transit to and from hell.

These are the ‘aliens’ we are always hearing of; UFO sightings, ‘captured aliens’ and ‘strange lights in the sky’.

There are more movies and programmes: My Favourite Martian, E.T., V (for Visitors), Men In Black, Avatar, Superman, Star Trek, Monsters Inc., Alien, Paul, X-Files, War of the Worlds, Watchers, Predator, Cowboys and Aliens…

It’s time to Wake Up.

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