Skyfall, a short analysis


The 23rd James Bond (007) film is Skyfall. The movie, released on October 23, 2012, became the first ever to take a nine-figure sum at the UK box office. Skyfall, already the most successful movie hit in the UK, passed the £100 million mark in the year the 007 movies celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Skyfall; note the Elizabeth Tower in the background, which is a ben ben stone

Skyfall; note the Elizabeth Tower or Big Ben in the background, which is a benben stone (see The Bell and the Pound (£) sign)

Skyfall is an esoteric dramatisation of the duel between Yahweh and Satan, ‘Skyfall’ being in reference to Satan’s fall from grace. Skyfall is also the name of the estate in which Bond grew up, and where the ‘final battle’ is played out.

In the film ‘M’ is God and Chiago Rodriguez aka Silva, the villain, is Satan, who seeks revenge against M for something that happened years ago. The Romans called the god Pan ‘Silvanus’ (from silva ‎(forest) and –ānus ‎(from, of the). Pan represents Satan.

Silva supposedly was a ‘brilliant agent who started operating beyond his brief, hacking the Chinese’, a handover was coming up and they were on to him, so M gave him up and got six agents in exchange for Chiago. So in the film, Rodriguez’ motivation for destroying MI6 and coming after M is to get even with her for abandoning him.

This story is meant to parallel that of Yahweh and the devil. Satan was an angel of light until he rebelled against Yahweh. Yahweh cast down Satan from heaven to hell until Judgement Day, giving him no recourse.

In the past, the recurrent occult symbolism in the Bond franchise has been the sun, denoting sun worship. However, in the latest film the opening credits are full of death imagery. We see a graveyard scene with cross headstones, a ‘dead’ Bond who later ‘resurrects’, skulls, falling guns and cross-shaped knives (daggers) embedded on the seabed, a dragon breathing fire (Satan), more guns and crosses.

Skyfall credits6

Skyfall credits7

Skyfall credits2

Skyfall credits

Skyfall credits4

Bond is a trained assassin and a Monarch slave, whose handlers are M, Q and MI6 (see Monarch slaves).

Here’s a scene from the film:

[Bond enters the interrogation room to take his psychological test, looking toward the one-way mirror. M and Mallory stand on the other side with Tanner].

Doctor Hall: I’d like to start with some simple word associations. Just tell me the first word that pops into your head. For example, I say, “Day” and you might say…

Bond: Wasted.

Doctor Hall: [sighs] All right.


Doctor Hall: Gun.

Bond: Shot.


Doctor Hall: Heart.

Bond: Target.


Doctor Hall: Murder.

Bond: Employment.

We see Bond in a room full of mirrors (multiple reflections) in which he fires a gun, shattering the multiple reflections (shattered/fragmented mind as a result of being driven mad before demonic installation — the demons that possess a Monarch slave become their alter personas that control every aspect of their lives):

Skyfall credits8

Skyfall credits3

Bond with four separate shadows, representing his alter personas/demons and forming another cross (also showing who is behind his Monarch programming — Satan/evil forces (see The cross)):

Skyfall credits9

Skyfall credits5

A drowning Bond being pulled down by a giant hand, representing a handler/his helpless state as a Monarch slave:

Skyfall credits9

(M is the 13th letter in the Latin alphabet and 13 is a very powerful occult number: it is the number of rebirth and transformation

Q is the 17th letter: 17 is the number of immortality

MI6: M=13, I=9 ~ 13+9+6 = 10 — the number of completeness and accomplishment

Since their inception films and advertisements have been a vehicle for signalling the return/rebirth of Tammuz as the Beast/Anti-Messiah (see Anointing of the Man of Lawlessness), hence the theme of death and resurrection in the latest Bond film.

When Bond drowns, he descends into the abyss/hell:

Skyfall credits10

Here’s a scene between Raoul Silva and Bond, later in the film:

Raoul Silva: If you wanted, you could pick your own secret missions. As I do. Name it, name it. Destabilise a multinational by manipulating stocks. Bip. Easy. Interrupt transmissions from a spy satellite over Kabul… done. Hmm. Rig an election in Uganda. All to the highest bidder.

James Bond: Or a gas explosion in London.

Raoul Silva: Mm-hm. Just point and click.

James Bond: Well, everybody needs a hobby.

Raoul Silva: So what’s yours?

James Bond: Resurrection.

A resurrected Bond removing shrapnel from his shoulder:

Skyfall credits11

We see the ‘Eye of Horus’ (symbolising Tammuz) when M is writing Bond’s orbituary, only the left half of Bond’s face is visible on the computer screen.

Bond's obituary

Bond’s obituary

Bond drives an Aston Martin and drinks Martinis. The name ‘Martin’ is derived from the Roman name Martinus, which was derived from Martis, the genitive case of the name of the Roman god Mars, god of war (see Pagan gods).

Throughout the movie, we see several other crosses: On the steel door behind M as she is speaking to Bond before she leaves for the inquiry. At the inquiry: On the wood panelling, the door handles, the lights above the door on either side (Tau cross), on the wall at the entrance to the chapel in Scotland, the window in the chapel, on the door and coat rack in the final scene back at MI6 headquarters, and the British flag (see Sun worship).

Scene form Skyfall. Can you see the cross on the wood panelling?

Scene form Skyfall. Can you see the cross on the wood panelling?

The cross is a pagan and cursed symbol and was the mark of Cain, who committed the first sin of murder when he killed his brother Abel out of envy. It marked him as having yielded to the will of the devil (see The Great Deception).

Occult symbols are placed in films, music videos, advertisements, cartoons, etc, to show who is behind their production. Hexes are also placed in movie trailers/previews to guarantee their success. The cross, heavily present in the latest Bond film, is a message that the film makers pledge their allegiance to Satan.

Aston Martin DB5 driven by bond in a previous film. Notice the cross on the license plate

Aston Martin DB5 driven by Bond in a previous film, Goldfinger 1964. Note the cross on the license plate



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