Without a trace: Flight MH370


As stated before on this site, whenever Hollywood makes a movie, they’re giving us an insight into what is to come, what has been or what is (see Jurassic Park?).

In the 2004 film The Forgotten, a plane carrying children ‘crashes’ and the passengers vanish into thin air. It transpires that they have been abducted by ‘aliens’ (see Aliens are Demons!).

Here’s an excerpt from a synopsis:

Telly (Julianne Moore) and Ash (Dominic West) capture an agent (Lee Tergesen), whom they threaten. The agent reluctantly reveals that he and other agents are merely helping ‘them’ and that they do so to protect humankind. The roof of the house blows off and the agent, along with the roof, is sucked into the sky — presumably taken by ‘them’ — and Telly and Ash flee. Eventually, Telly visits Dr. Munce again and he reveals that the disappearances are the work of ‘them’, and that the government monitors their trials, all too aware that they have no power to stop ‘them’ from doing whatever they want.

The recently disappeared Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 — Flight MH370 — carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew, has met with a similar fate; the plane has been taken by the fallen angels:

Rescue teams appeared to be no nearer finding the missing Malaysian Airlines flight today as the U.S led a search hundreds of miles away from where the last contact with MH370 was made.

The search was stepped up today for debris and clues in the sea on both sides of the Malaysian peninsula, as it was revealed today that five checked in to the flight before it left for Beijing but never boarded the plane.

But Malaysia’s civil aviation chief said today that the search for the Boeing 777 which vanished early Saturday morning had failed to find anything and that a sighting of a yellow object, which was earlier suspected to have been a life raft, was found to be a false alarm.

Underlining the lack of hard information about the plane’s fate, a U.S. Navy P-3 aircraft capable of covering 1,500 sq miles every hour was sweeping the northern part of the Strait of Malacca on Monday, on the other side of the Malay peninsula from where the last contact with MH370 was made.

‘Our aircraft are able to clearly detect small debris in the water, but so far it has all been trash or wood,’ said U.S. 7th Fleet spokesman Commander William Marks in an emailed statement.

As Interpol investigates whether up to four passengers boarded the plane using stolen passports, it was today revealed five passengers checked on to the flight but did not board the plane. Their baggage was removed before it departed.

The Boeing 777 went missing early on Saturday morning on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.

Malaysia’s civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman described the disappearance of the plane as an ‘unprecedented aviation mystery’.

He said a hijacking could not be ruled out as investigators explore all theories for the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

‘Unfortunately we have not found anything that appears to be objects from the aircraft, let alone the aircraft,’ he told a news conference.

‘As far as we are concerned, we have to find the aircraft, we have to find a piece of the aircraft if possible.’

As dozens of ships and aircraft from seven countries scour the seas around Malaysia and south of Vietnam, questions mounted over possible security lapses and whether a bomb or hijacking could have brought down the Boeing airliner.

It comes as Interpol criticised Thailand’s lax airport security after it emerged at least two passengers’ passports were stolen.

The possibility of a further two stolen passports used on the same flight is now being investigated after it emerged that no cross checks were carried out against Interpol’s lost and stolen database.

Procedural checks would have revealed that at least two passengers were travelling on stolen passports.

The five passengers who checked in but did not board the aircraft are demons/evil spirits, who shape-shifted into human beings.

Flight MH370 is on a remote island, and the 239 souls that were on board will be subjects of Satanic experiments (see Transhumanism and Cyborgism). Scientists will conduct the experiments, after the passengers and crew have been deluded into believing they are victims of an ‘alien abduction’ through the administration of hallucinogens.

flight mh370

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