Face of a clown

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Clowns are a symbol of chaos. All humour is derived from chaos. In olden times, clowns may have been the priests of a chaotic being. An ancient harlequin cult may be passing its teachings through comics and entertainers today. The word ‘carnival’ itself is taken from the Latin word carnus (flesh) and levare (remove) as in being skinned or shed of meat.

The clown is the Joker. In the Tarot, the Joker is a symbol of a Jungian archetype, the Trickster. The Trickster is a mythological character who plays tricks on clueless humanity. They were often malicious, such as the Norse trickster god Loki, and Eshu, the trickster god of the Yoruba of Nigeria. Other tricksters were the fairies (demons) who use their ‘glamour’ or illusion to befuddle mortals. He also appears as the diabolical Mephistopheles who attempts to trick men into selling their souls in a doomed Faustian bargain.

Justin Bieber, photographed by Steven Klein for Interview magazine's August 2015 edition

Justin Bieber, photographed by Steven Klein for Interview magazine’s August 2015 edition. Justin is wearing a clown’s mask, symbolising his possession by Satan. He is quoted as saying: “You kind of go through a period where you’re in there and nothing comes. And then finally, it’s the bang-bang-bang — you get them all in a row. I’m at a place where I’m really happy and I’m ready to share my music.” (see The Music Man)

The clown’s home is the carnival and he manages to achieve through flash and showmanship what most people can do with their intelligence. He appears to be gentle and childlike, and yet on the inside he is conflicted and threatening. He can convince even the keenest of intellect to play in his world, and has the ability to draw upon the innocence in the unconscious to cover up his devilish intent.

The clown is an ancient symbol of the shape-shifter whose expression bends and moulds a visage of death. Fallen angels and demons are shape-shifters (see Aliens are Demons! and Bigfoot and the Yeti).

The Joker/Trickster/Clown is Satan. The hidden symbolism behind portraying Michael as a clown is that he is possessed by demons, which are Satan’s sons (see Monarch slaves and Obama, the Joker).

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