Fraternities and Sororities: Laying the foundation for Freemasonry


University and college fraternities and sororities are considered the preserve of rich, privileged students, who then go on to secure plum positions in their desired profession, and many go on to prominence. If one wants to examine the entire fabric of the elite’s control, one must take note of college fraternities and sororities. The members of these elitist clubs address each other as ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’, and they outwardly appear to be innocent societies that are merely exclusive to a select few.

However, the truth is much darker. They are a way that the Illuminati/Freemasons recruit and entrap university students. College fraternities and sororities are modelled after Satanic secret societies… all linked to Freemasonry.

Phi Beta Kappa, the first American Greek Letter college fraternity was started in 1776 with a Latin motto meaning ‘Philosophy is the Guide of Life’. It is believed that Phi Beta Kappa grew out of an older organisation, founded in 1750, named the Flat Hat Society. Phi Beta Kappa was, of necessity, a secret society. To protect its members, it had all of the attributes of the most modern fraternities — an oath of secrecy, a badge or key, mottos in Greek, an initiation and a handshake. The Philosophical Society of Philadelphia had connections to its creation. The Philosophical Society (PS), originally called the Junto, itself was an Illuminati creation designed to control education and thinking. It was headed by Benjamin Franklin, and included members such as Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and the Marquis de Lafayette.

PS has always been closely connected to the Society of the Cincinnati, an organisation still actively used by the Freemasons. Phi Beta Kappa branched out to Yale with the chapter Alpha of Connecticut in 1780.

In 1967, the Yale chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon had a scandal of branding pledges with cigarettes. In October 2008, the same chapter came under fire after its members shouted inflammatory and misogynistic chants at an Old Campus pledge ritual. These chants included, “No means yes, yes means anal.” Frat brothers are statistically more prone to rape female students, as sexual abuse of women is integral to the Illuminati agenda (see Spiritual Dangers of Pornography).

The Freemasons established a series of non-Greek fraternities in the elite ivy-league schools beginning in 1832 with the pre-eminent one the Order of Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones logo; the number 322 is very symbolic: 3+2+2=7; 7 is the number of spiritual perfection

Skull and Bones logo; the number 322 is very symbolic: 3+2+2=7; 7 is the number of spiritual perfection

Working through the Sheffield Scientific School, they founded another Yale secret society called Berzelius in 1848 and the Order of Book and Snake in 1863. Book and Snake uses the winged sun-disc and a snake swallowing its tail (ouroboros), obvious occult imagery. Four of these five Yale orders (Skull and Bones, Scroll and Key, Book and Snake, Berzelius) call their creepy temple buildings ‘tombs’. The fifth, Wolf’s Head, calls theirs a ‘hall’.

Scroll and Key logo

Scroll and Key logo; the motto Esse Quam Videri is Latin for ‘To be, rather than to seem’

Book and Snake badge

Book and Snake badge

Berzelius Society symbol depicted within shield of stylised owl, which represents Moloch, Canaanite sun god

Berzelius Society symbol depicted within shield of stylised owl, which represents Moloch, Canaanite sun god

Wolf’s Head badge; the wolf represents Odin, Norse god of War and Death

Freemasonry directly established Square and Compass as a college fraternity in 1917. It merged with Sigma Mu Sigma (established 1921) in August 1952. Some of Sigma Mu Sigma’s chapters were then absorbed into Tau Kappa Epsilon (a.k.a Knight of Classic Lore). Acacia (from the Greek word akakia, meaning ‘everlasting’) is another Masonic fraternity, established in 1904. American President William Taft (Yale graduate) and Assistant U.S. Attorney General Wendell Berge were both Acacia members, and Freemason Frank S. Land, who founded the Order of DeMolay, was also a member.

Alpha Delta Gamma is based upon the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits (see The Great Deception and Pagan feasts) and has a Book of Rituals. The Latter Day Saints Mormon Church created Delta Phi Kappa, and later Sigma Gamma Chi (1967). The Odd Fellows (IOOF) created Theta Rho and the Daughters of Rebekah (1851). Odd Fellow sororities also function off campus; the Daughters of Rebekah serves as Freemasonry’s Eastern Star.

While these webs of fraternities may not openly and directly contact with occult secret societies, they encourage members to think in directions parallel with the more powerful secret societies.

Were one to track the minutia of members’ activities and thinking, one would garner a picture that shows they contribute to the overall control of society. Yet, who would want to question their activities? These networks of fraternities are protected by oaths of silence, and pretend to be harmless and function behind a façade of philanthropic activity.

Young boys and girls are initiated into Freemasonry through secret societies and clubs such as the Club Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cubs, Brownies, Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, Beavers, Rainbows, Job’s Daughters, Order of DeMolay, Lions Clubs, Knights of Columbus, Rotary Club and American Legion, where they are sodomised and take oaths of secrecy ensuring they are too frightened to reveal the activities of their ‘camping trips’ and meetings, even long after they leave these clubs.

Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement, was a Freemason.
One of the rituals performed by members is a game where they are blindfolded and led around in a circle. In Freemasonry this is called circumambulation, an ancient Hindu rite of sun god worship.

They have secret handshakes, secret passwords and secret gestures.
The following are quotes from the first page of a Brownie Manual titled ‘How the Brownies Got Their Name’:

“So Lord Baden-Powell thought about and thought about it. Then he remembered the fairy tales he had read when he was a young boy. He remembered the wonderful goblins and fairies in these stories. They were called brownies and they did many things. Lord Baden-Powell had found a new name for the new guides.”

This tells us that the Brownies have a direct and an absolute identification with evil spirits (see Secrets of Fairytales).

On the second page there is a storyline where a little girl named Brooke has gone into the forest seeking the wise Old Owl (Molech, Canaanite sun god) to find out how to become a Brownie. She receives a rhyme, an incantation, that she repeats over and over:

“Twist me and turn me and show me an elf, I look in the water and there see myself.”

The third page is titled ‘Legend of the Toadstool’. On this page, referring to Powell, it says, “He wanted them to have something special to go in the center of the Brownie Ring. He chose the Toadstool for some very special reasons.” In witchcraft, circles are used to perform rituals. The toadstool symbolises male fertility and virility, or the phallus.



At the bottom of this page we read, “Each Brownie who lends a hand and does Good Turns for others can look into the magic pool and see herself. She can dance with joy around the Toadstool.” Some major events have taken place. Each girl performing the ritual has made a verbal confession identifying herself as an elf by looking into the magic pool (occult baptismal pool). She has identified herself with the evil spirit realm.

This process occurs within a circle where, according to the occult, “the greatest concentration of spiritual forces occur”.

On the fourth page we see circles again, called Circle Emblems. These are the badges or emblems that a Brownie earns to wear on her shirtsleeves. Again she identifies with the spirit realm with each emblem earned.

The first emblem on this page is called a djinn, identified as being flaming spirits. Dryads are identified as being tree spirits. Elves are mischievous beings. Fairies are clever and playful. Gnomes live in the earth.
On the fifth page we see more of these emblems. Kelpies are water spirits. Lares are household spirits. There are leprechauns, nymphs, pixies and sprites called water spirits. As we recognise that these spirits are evil spirits, we understand the true nature of the spirit realm these girls have entered into.

Brownie Emblems

Brownie Emblems

The Brownie initiation ceremony:

First the Brownie is blindfolded, then the leader escorts the candidate around the outside of the Brownie Ring.

She then leads her ‘down the garden path’ (which is usually and euphemism for leading astray) to the magic pond — a mirror on the ground. The leader then turns the girl three times while saying, “Twist me and turn and show me the elf, I look in the pond and I see…”, at which point the blindfold is removed and the Brownie says, “Myself.”

She has lost her identity and aligned herself with the spirit realm as an elf.
See how this coincides with witchcraft/Masonry initiation ceremonies:


Blindfolded with necktie
Circumambulates ring
Led down Toadstool
Rhyme connecting self to spirit world
Blindfold removed to see ‘wisdom’ in the form of an owl on the Toadstool


Circumambulates room
Led to altar
Oath displacing self
Blindfold removed to see the three great lights of Freemasonry: Wisdom, Beauty and Strength (a smokescreen for the Three Pillars of Wisdom)


Circumambulates room outside magic circle
Led to altar
Oath to spirit realm — Satan
Blindfold removed to see lights of witchcraft, i.e., Lucifer, the Light Bearer

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