The cloud


The cloud is a network of servers, and each server has a different function. Some servers use computing power to run applications or ‘deliver a service’.

Other servers in the network are responsible for storing data.

For example, when you take a picture on your smartphone, it is stored on your phone’s internal memory drive. However, when you upload the photos to Instagram, you are uploading it to the cloud.

Anytime you store information without using up your phone’s internal data, you’re storing information on the cloud.

Cloud-based services include Google, Amazon and Facebook. The cloud can store about 1 Exabyte.

The human brain operates like a computer:

The Subconscious Mind is the ‘deeper’ part of the mind that is responsible for processing thousands of things at any one time and for storing everything we have experienced in our lives in differing degrees of importance. It sort of runs on ‘auto pilot’ without us even realising it is doing so much. In this respect it is much like the hard drive of a computer that stores information that is accessed by the other parts of the mind.

Some celebrities are demonically possessed Monarch slaves (see Monarch slaves). One of their functions is to perform like cameras; the brain’s ability to recall images seen is infinite — they have absolute photographic memories.

Images are uploaded into ‘the cloud’ of their minds, which are then downloaded by their handlers. The brain has practically no limit to memory, so thousands of images can be stored.

The images are downloaded using the Montauk Chair. In the 1950s, ITT Corporation developed sensor technology that literally displays what a person is thinking. It is essentially a mind reading machine, which operates on the principle of picking up the electromagnetic functions of human beings and translating those into an understandable form.

It consists of a chair in which a person sits, then coils which serve as sensors are placed around the chair. There are also three esoteric radio receivers studded with crystals, six channels and a Cray-1 supercomputer which displays what is on a person’s mind digitally or on a screen (see Spiritual Significance of Crystal).

Montauk Chair

Montauk Chair

Three sets of coils are set up in a pyramid around the chair. (This is symbolic, as the Pyramid represents the three attributes of Yahweh: Will, Love and Intelligence, a symbol stolen by Satan who uses it as his own since he wants to be God, and the coil represents the serpent/Satan. It is a Satanic ritual/magic involving the invocation of evil spirits to channel their powers and facilitate the mind reading (see All-Seeing Eye and The Serpent who is the Dragon)).

There is a also a coil around the pyramid to parallel the base coil. The slave is placed inside the field of the coils; then the three sets of coils are connected to three different radio receivers (Hammerland Super ProP 600s) and six outputs.

An independent sideband detector which has a floating carrier reference system provides six outputs from the three receivers. Three of them are of the sideband below the carrier wave, and three are of the sideband above the carrier wave.

With the use of an oscillator, the detectors in the receivers are able to lock on a phantom or etheric signal that is being picked up by the coils. There is no actual carrier wave as we know it. The detectors lock in on the noise peak that the coils pick up from the three sets of frequencies the receivers are tuned to.

The handlers are able to detect the signals that represent the comparable functions of the human mind. Solid signals that change with a person’s thoughts are transmitted from the receivers. The device reads the human aura — the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body.

In the same way that human speech is carried via a frequency, this device carries thoughts (which theoretically manifest in the aura). The six output channels from the receivers are then run through a digital converter (turning them into computer language) and fed into a computer, which stores the thoughts in terms of information bits. A Cray-1 computer is used to decode what the receivers pick up, then the computer prints out the dialogue. This is a running dialogue of the slave’s thoughts.

Cray-1 supercomputer

Cray-1 supercomputer

If the slave visualises something, a picture appears on the computer monitor — a 3D representation of the actual audio/visual aspect (of the slave’s thoughts) appears and is printed out.



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