Naughty advertisements


Some advertisements are funny, others are creative genius, while there are those that contain subliminal messages or images (see The Devil in Disney, Looney Tunes, Secrets of Fairytales and The Music Man). The ones featured here are a bit of all of the above…

Volvo — a Swedish car company — the gear stick looks like an erect phallus. The slogan reads: We’re Just As Excited As You

Baileys Irish Cream liqueur — the splash from the cream forms a naked woman

This one from Arby’s — a U.S. fast-food restaurant — looks like a woman holding her breasts

Heineken beer — a German brewer — the original ad on the left flipped on the right looks like legs and buttocks

Del Monte Orange Juice — an American brand — looks like the backside of a woman in a bikini. The slogan reads: Squeezed in Brazil

Bice in Italy — advertisement with the slogan: Bread is life looks like a penis

Coca Cola — flip the famous soda name vertically and the words look like a man and woman

Skittles — American fruit-flavoured sweets — the red skittle is strategically positioned before the word ‘explosion’ to spell the word ‘sex’; also the letter ‘X’ is suggestively capitalised

Magnum Light Ice Cream — a British/Dutch company — ice cream bars arranged to look like a naked woman’s backside

Burger King — an American fast-food restaurant — the submarine sandwich looks like a phallus with the open woman’s mouth about to perform fellatio. Incidentally, ‘blow job’ is slang for oral sex

Ursus beer — a Romanian brewer — the original ad on the left has been flipped on the right and looks like a man’s backside with his member hanging in front

Schneider beer — a German brewer — the mug looks like a female breast

Love Rocks — a German advertisement for safe sex with a man’s neck that looks like a phallus. The slogan reads: Don’t risk your neck. Your decision for safer sex under

Príncipe ketchup — the Mexican sauce coming out of the bottle appears as a tongue about to lick the hot dog (penis)

Nuvo Lemon Sorbet — this French vodka liqueur ad looks like a phallus with testicles

Heinz Hot Ketchup — two chicken wings, breaded potatoes, lettuce and asparagus placed to look like a naked woman lying on her back with her legs up



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