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Is abortion murder?


For centuries, women have been terminating pregnancies in the early stages. This cruel and evil practice has continued to date, and although it is considered a controversial subject that many debate on daily, the answer is plain and simple: ABORTION IS MURDER.

Definition of abortion: the ending of pregnancy by removing a foetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus

There are various reasons used to justify abortion — pre-teen or teenage pregnancy; hampering of one’s career; pregnancy while in college/university; financially unprepared; unwillingness to enter single motherhood; shame of having a child out of wedlock; reminder of the baby’s father after the end of a relationship; rape; not wanting children…

The sixth commandment states:

“You shall not kill.” Exodus 20:13.

A child is a gift. Life begins at conception — once the egg cell fuses with the sperm cell, a zygote is formed and filled with the soul and spirit of that being that has been created.

Whether or not you are prepared to have a child, the decision to kill that baby is not yours to make. All life comes from heaven, Almighty Yahweh the Living God is the ONLY one with the power and right to give and take life. Murder is a sin and all who sin will be punished (see The Second Commandment).

If you fall pregnant unexpectedly and feel psychologically incapable of having a child or carrying a pregnancy to term, counselling will help you cope.

If you are financially unstable, request for help from friends and relatives, or the government.

If you are underage, ask relatives to help raise your child until you are of age and able.

If you have been raped, seek counselling, and however painful it may be to have that child in your life, remember it is also a part of you.

If you have been raped by a relative — which makes it incest — the child is a part of you.

If a relationship has ended and you are unwilling to have a constant reminder of your ex, keep in mind that the child is also a reminder of wonderful you.

Having a child out of wedlock is nothing to be ashamed of, you should be more fearful of offending God.

If a woman who is mentally or physically impaired is raped, the child can be cared for by her next of kin.

If you never planned to have children, that was your plan, not God’s plan.

Some people consider giving up their baby for adoption, but adoption is wrong — your child is your blood and your blood is what makes you unique; your blood is your life. Your baby belongs with you, not with a stranger.

(see Your blood, Your life, The Body, the Soul and the Spirit, Birds’ eggs are FOETUSES, All animals are Born Free, The Ten Commandments, The 12 Deadly Sins)